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Top Ten Halloween Movies To Watch Now

This is not an exhaustive list. It's my personal list of the best Halloween movies, specials, and spooky cinema to watch now. If you've got a special request I didn't already include, feel free to let me know.

The word "spooky" gets thrown around a lot in film reviews because it's easier than writing something more specific. Not all horror movies are spooky. Some are gross, some are intense, some are scary, and some are downright terrifying (for example: any movie involving children or clowns). This list is focused on the "spooky" aspect of Halloween cinema rather than just its intensity.

I'm limiting this list to movies that are readily available for viewing, either through Netflix or other streaming services (Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, etc).

I'm not including any of the original Halloween movies. They're a given and if you haven't seen them yet, have fun!

10) Spooky Buddies – 2011 – family movie-SO CUTE AND ONE OF MY FAVES

The movie about a group of talking pet dogs – the titular "buddies" – who go to a haunted mansion and find a portal to an alternate universe, taking it upon themselves to save the Mansion's owner from being turned into a dog. The movie is dumb, but not offensively so. It stereotypes all the characters but doesn't strongly offend any particular race, religion, or sexuality. The jokes and spooky aspects are aimed at a younger audience (5-10 year olds) and the bad guy is suitably villainous without being too scary – unless you're scared of clowns – which makes this an ideal movie to play in the background while your real Halloween decorations go up.

9) The Addams Family – 1991 – comedy/horror