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Tips and Tricks to finding baby formula!

Who would have ever thought that finding baby formula to feed your babies would be such a disaster. Between the pandemic, recalls, and one factory being shut down, it seems as if baby formula is a hot commodity being almost impossible to find. So what do you do if you are having problems finding your baby's formula?

One thing we can do is check online availability for shipping. Places like Amazon, Walmart, Target are chains that moms normally go to, nut maybe it is time to start thinking outside the box. Places like CVS , Sam's Club, buy buy BABY, and other retailers that mom's do not frequent at may be your best bet to find formula available. If you have a local store that parents normally pass on for formula etc, try there.

Another option you have is to call you doctors office. A lot of doctors offices get formula from the manufacturer directly.

Check local food banks and women's shelters. Food banks and women's shelters keep this stuff on hand just in case. Most are more then happy to help out a desperate mom. Please do not forget to give a little donation if you are able to get formula from them as they thrive on donations.

Check local churches that have a giving closet.

Check your local hospital that has a birthing center, when formula is expired they have to throw them away. You may get lucky find a slow center that has formula nearing expirations.

Reach out to formula manufactures. Places like Enfamil have programs for moms to be and immediate family to moms to be and moms that send out samples and free coupons.

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