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So Chic Father's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Jun 15

B37 -The benchmark in percussive therapy

Whether it's recovering from a workout, reducing stress, improving circulation, or getting a better night's sleep, the Ekrin B37 is your go-to for daily wellness. Ekrin Athletics’ industry leading massage technology provides a deep muscle treatment like you've never felt before. With the B37’s powerful, ultra-quiet motor, long battery life, and standard lifetime warranty, you can feel good knowing that only a few minutes with your device will get you feeling better, moving better, and recovering faster.


FIRE DISC: Our best seller, the Original FIREDISC 36-inch Tall gives you the ability to cook the most food, including soups and stews. The walled disc is designed to contain high volumes of food and liquids, which also makes it ideal for deep frying. The tall (36-inch) stand puts the cooking at a convenient table or countertop height.




The Backlounge is an all natural solution that uses inversion therapy to reduce or even eliminate your back pain. Backlounge’s intelligent design puts users in control delivering total inversion without the scary sensation of being fully upside down. The Backlounge goes beyond other inversion machines by helping users strengthen their core muscles in order to go beyond temporary relief to create long-lasting change. The table also has cervical and lumbar rollers, which deliver myofascial release and reduce the trigger points that keep back muscles locked down.



VAIO FE Series ($699-$899) The FE Series offers the high-performance and superior quality consumers have come to expect from the VAIO brand. The VAIO FE Series has an impressive, ultra-sleek design, and is built with state-of-the-art technology including 11th Gen Intel Core Processors, Microsoft Windows 11, and THX® Spatial Audio to provide unsurpassed performance and entertainment experiences.


Flexispot All-in-One Desk Bike Workstation V9

This desk bike helps you keep productive, stay healthy and active, and burn more calories while performing otherwise sedentary tasks. The pneumatic adjustment lever allows adjusting the seat to your desired height quickly. The integrated digital display shows readouts for workout time, calories burned & Speed. With eight resistance levels, go from light activity to a more robust workout with a flick of your wrist. And best of all, 1 Minute Assembly! Simply attach the desktop to the bike, and done!


World's Most Advanced Graphene Jacket from

The leading tech wear clothing brand, Wear Graphene, was one of the first to infuse graphene into textiles, granting their clothing properties such as extreme durability, weather resistance, temperature control, and bacteria resistance. Wear Graphene as a long history of manufacturing graphene clothing for other brands and Gamma is the latest in Wear Graphene’s line of graphene-infused fashion.

Thanks to graphene, clothing is going to become more versatile than ever. We’re excited to introduce the world to graphene infused clothing and to Gamma, the most versatile jacket ever made. Gamma waterproof, damage-proof, and windproof. Almost nothing can break through graphene. Gamma is strong enough to repel knife punctures and to withstand serious wear and tear. And it will not permit cold air or moisture to enter. Graphene offers temperature control that mimics human skin. The nano lattice distributes heat around the jacket to keep you warm in cold weather. When it’s warm, it wicks moisture and expels excess heat to cool you down.