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Reasons Why You Need To Be A CVS Couponer.

Extra Care Bucks; Extra Care Bucks are CVS MONEY. You will earn CVS ECB's when you buy qualifying items. This is a GREAT WAY to stock up on some items.

Once you buy the qualifying items an ECB will print at the bottom of your receipt and you can use that on your next purchase.

98% Threshold Meet for ECB; This means you only have to meet 98% of the monetary threshold for the ECB to print. IE; If the threshold is $20.00 you only need to spend $29.60 in order to get the ECB to print.

Stacking COUPONS; Lot's of stores allow you to stack manufacturer coupons as long as one is a store coupon and one is a manufacturer coupon. CLICK Here is all the information you need to know to stack coupons at CVS