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Protect your pet's health your way for just $19 per month with Petco Vital Care

If you are like me and have a furry little friend that is more then family, you know that care can be costly.

Vital Care is the affordable way to cover your dog’s routine care. Annual commitment required.

Get grooming savings, routine vet exams and more for $19 a month with Vital Care. Annual commitment required.

Vital Care is a simple wellness plan that has everything you need to help keep your dog healthy for the long run. Get unlimited 30% off full-service grooming visits, including packages and add-ons. Annual commitment required.

To help keep your pet’s health on track, Vital Care gives you unlimited vet exams at participating Petco locations or up to $70 Pals Rewards annually for two exams at the vet of your choice. For even more value, you’ll get $10 Pals Rewards each month, a welcome gift and a discount when you enroll multiple pets. Annual commitment required.

Get a value of $397* every year when you follow our Petco vet-recommended plan with Vital Care. Annual commitment required.

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