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NEW! HUGE Clearance NEWS for Dollar General 10/07-10/09

Updated: Oct 6

This has been confirmed by several managers and employees of Dollar General. There will be a clearance event that includes CORE items 10/07-10/09. What are CORE items? These are those everyday items at Dollar General with the orange/yellow stickers. This will be an additional 50% that sticker price. SO WHAT ELSE WILL THIS SALE INCLUDE?

Summer, Lawn & Garden, and CORE items. Remember that with every clearance event or sale this is definitely a YMMV. Which means your store may or may not have this event.

Look for the clearance signs, clearance balloons, tables et up with yellow tagged already clearance items. A list should circulate very soon, so as soon as it does, you know we will get it for you.

What should you do to prepare? Check out your clearance items at your store. What do they have yellowed tagged? Scan it, is there a coupon? YES YOU CAN USE COUPONS during this sale. Be prepared the day of the sale. Get there early. People are there before the store opens. Scan your items for price.

These clearance events are always a great time to get some great deals. So stock up and have fun. As always remember to share your finds with us in our FACEBOOK GROUP.