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🔥Kellogg's Cereals ONLY $1.93 each at Walgreens!

This is a digital only deal for myWalgreens rewards members so make sure to clip the digital coupon in app. If you're not already a myWalgreens rewards member it's free and easy to join.

This deal can be done in-store until 08/19.

For this deal:

Buy 3 - Kellogs Cereals, Regularly $6.79 each, on sale 3/$6.79 at Walgreens

These are included in the sale: (Raisin Bran Crunch 15.9oz, Raisin Bran 24oz, Froot Loops 10.1oz, Frosted Flakes 24oz, Apple Jack's 10.1oz, Corn Pops 10oz, Krave 11.4oz, Eggo 8.8oz, Honey Smacks, Crackling Oat Bran, Rice Kristin's 12oz, Frosted Mini Wheats 14.5oz, Corn Flakes 9.6oz, Cocoa Kristin's 12.6oz, Frosted Mini Wheats 24oz)

Use - $1 off on any THREE Kellogg's cereals, myW DMC, ex. 09/17

Pay - $5.79 for THREE Kellogg's Cereals or ONLY $1.93 each!

Can you believe this deal?! Couponing at Walgreens can be confusing at first. Learn how to coupon at Walgreens and you can score some great weekly deals!

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