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How to Read the Dollar General Tag Codes

One of the biggest tools to successfully finding penny items may just be the easiest. Learning how to read the tags that are on items at DG. These are a way to organize and identify items at DG. There are several elements to a DG tag.

First there is the code that tells the season that will be followed by a year. So F20 would be Fall2020.

BTS = Back to School

F = Fall

FW = Fall/Winter

MHF = Must Haves Fall

MHS = Must Haves Spring

S = Summer

SP = Spring

SS = Spring/Summer

SW = Summer/Winter

The next you want to know about the tags, is that DG organizes their stuff often by shapes and colors. Such as a yellow circle 🟡, this will be telling items by when they arrived at the store. So one box could be a yellow circle and in the same department could be a red circle.

Checking and double checking the tags, the dates, and UPC can tell you if you have the right penny items. Many times items will be the same, but its the tags you look for and UPC on the item.