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Everyone is loving Rae Dunn for the past couple years, the problem sometimes is finding that perfect Rae Dunn. Rae Dunn can be found at a number of places.

Hobby Lobby

Everyone knows you can find some super cute stuff, but did you know you could find Rae Dunn at Hobby Lobby? From pillows to now Rae Dunn Kitchen utensils, they have some super cute stuff at super AWESOME prices.

Marshalls & TJMAXX

Retail stores Marshalls, TJMAXX, and Home Goods are your go to stores to grab yourself some Rae Dunn, but be prepared with some amour because I hear that some of these HUNTERS get really crazy. I personally have not seen anything crazy happen, but I have heard some cray cray stories. TJMAXX and Marshalls offer online ordering but Home Goods is working on it.

GO HERE for Rae Dunn at TJMAXX

GO HERE for Rae Dunn at Marshalls.

Make sure you have your fingers ready because some of these items FLY FAST off the net and shelf.

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