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Dollar General Penny List For Tuesday 05/04

Here is your penny list for May 05,2021. Remember to scan your items in your DG App and scan your items to confirm the price. Need to learn more about penny shopping? GO HERE and get your complete guide on penny shopping.

Easter Candy and Baking

Easter Seasonal

Easter Stationary/Party

Fall/Winter Apparel, Shoes, and Accessories

Fall/Winter Home

Red Square Shoes (price tag has red square)

this is a example of the red square

There are different kinds of Dollar General stores. An NCI home store is a store that has an expanded home section including home decor, bath, kitchen, and party. This is an NCI home store: To find an NCI store, go to the Dollar General app and you will see at the top where you can change the store.

NCI Wish Apparel

NCI Pink Clover Apparel

NCI Orange Apparel

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