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(DOLLAR GENERAL PENNY LIST)-Dollar General Penny List February 21, 2023

Dollar General Penny List February 21, 2023
Dollar General Penny List February 21, 2023

You can find hundreds of items that are on the shelf at your local Dollar General that employees just didn't have the time to remove, these items penny out when they are not sold. Each week the list changes and you can score some great Dollar General Penny Items.

If you are just starting out penny shopping be sure to check out our Penny Shopping at Dollar General GUIDE, it has all of the information you need to get started Penny Shopping at Dollar General.





Who doesn’t want to get something for a penny? Dollar General penny shopping is a big thing! And those who do it are completely hooked but you have to know what you are doing and what to look for inside the store. You also have to be prepared to spend time looking and researching. If you are prepared then you can score some amazing deals for just one penny.

The new penny list will start Tuesday, February 21, 2023 . REMEMBER NOTHING IS CERTAIN ON THIS LIST UNTIL WE GET IN STORES TO VERIFY! These items will not ring up a penny until TUESDAY.

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY – MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE DOLLAR GENERAL APP AND UPDATE IT. There is a price scanner at the upper right hand side where you can price check items to verify the pricing.

Here is your current penny list for February 21, 2023

It is big purple lettering, highlighted. There is nothing to click on. THIS IS YOUR LIST;

🡺Bertolli Pasta Sauce Alfredo 15oz – 36200219294

Bertolli Pasta Sauce OliveOil Garlc 24oz – 36200219331

Bertolli Pasta Sauce Tomato Basil 24oz – 36200219317

Black Forest Gummy Bears Single Fr End ck (2L) – 41420741852

Black Jack Gum SingIe Pack Fr End ck (2L) – 86232910102

Clave Gum Single Pack Fr End ck (2L) – 86232910140

Doublemint Gum Single Pack Fr End ck (2L) – 22000001726

Funables Fruit Snacks Mixed Berry Fr End ck (2L) – 41420054754

Ghirardelli Choc Squares Car & Sea Salt Fr End ck (2L) – 747599409967

Goetze CowTale Brwnie Single Fr End ck (2L) – 70622431025

Golden Graham Treat Bar Single Fr End ck (2L) – 16000506022

Haribo Pineapple Peg Bag 4oz – 42238724730

Haribo Watermelon Peg Bag 4oz – 42238724778

Jack Links Beef Steak Original 0.8oz Fr End ck (2L) – 17082873514

Jack Links Beef Steak Teriyaki .9oz Fr End ck (2L) – 17082885142

Jack Links Beef Steak Teriyaki 0.8oz Fr End ck (2L) – 17082873538

Juicy Fruit Gum Single Pk Fr End ck (2L) – 22000001733

M&M Choc Candies Classic Fr End ck (2L) – 40000565604

M&M Choc Candies Peanut Fr End ck (2L) – 40000567042

Mamba Fruit Chews Standard Fr End ck (2L) – 72799055721

Milky Way Choc Bar 100 Calories Fr End ck (2L) – 40000531821

Monster Reserve Ene Watermelon 16oz – 70847038306

Quaker Chewy Bars Choc Chip SS 0.84oz – 30000007754

Quaker Fruity Bars Apple SS 0.84oz – 30000001509

Quaker Fruity Bars Strawberry SS 0.84oz – 30000001530

Snack Break Wafer Roll Coconut Fr End ck (2L) – 24354200480

SnakClub Peanuts Tajin Fr end ck (2L) – 87076456405

Starburst Chews Duos Standard Fr End ck (2L) – 22000021748

Sweet Smiles D0460 Rpe Btes Astd 4.5oz – 818480017599

Sweetarts Candy Theater Box 5oz – 79200928391

Welches Juicefuls Mxd Single Fr End ck (2L) – 34856010012

Welches Superfruit Single Fr End ck (2L) – 34856008163

Welchs Fruit Punch Single Fr End ck (2L) – 34856001775

Welchs Fruit Snacks Mixed Fruit Fr End ck (2L) – 34856028987

Worlds Finest Literacy Bar Almond 1.3oz – 43268310108

Worlds Finest Literacy Bar Caramel 1.3oz – 43268310207

Worlds Finest Literacy Bar Crisp 1.3oz – 43268310306

Worlds Finest Literacy Bar Dark Chocolate 1.3oz – 43268310405

Worlds Finest Literacy Bar Milk Chocolate 1.3oz – 43268310009

Wrigley Gum 5 Cobalt Fr End ck (2L) – 22000005120


Surprise Pennies

5 Gum Spearmint Rain Sugar Free Chewing Gum, 15ct – 22000005144

Cheez It Crackers Original Fr End Ck (2L) – 24100122615

Cheez-It White Cheddar Crackers, 1.5oz – 24100126606

Chips Ahoy! Original Real Chocolate Chip Cookies, 4ct. – 044000043148

Cinnamon Toast Treat Bar Single Fr End Ck (2L) – 16000508293

Cleansol Multi Surface Wipe W/Bleach Canister 75ct – 723548377297

Davids Snflwr Seeds Tube Fr End Ck (2L) – 26200106205

Dove 100 Calories Dark Chocolate Candy Bar 0.65oz Bar – 40000519126

Dove Milk Choc Bar 100 Calories Fr End Ck (2L) – 40000500506

Extra Gum Peppermint 4pk Fr End Ck (2L) – 22000008565

Fiorella Crunch Wafer Chocolate Fr End Ck (2L) – 24354200145

Hi Chew Gn Apple Mango Peg Bag 1.94oz – 851681008362

Hi Chew Grape&Stwbrry Peg Bag 1.94oz – 851681008355

Ice Breakers Kiwi Wtrmln Bottle Pack Fr End Ck (2L) – 34000004058

Ice Breakers Mints Cinnamon Fr End Ck (2L) – 34000000081

Ice Breakers Mints Duo Cherry Fr End Ck (2L) – 34000479795

Lindor Milk Stick Lindt Truffle Bar Milk Chocolate Fr End Ck (2L) -9542427030

M&M’S White Chocolate Singles Size Candy, 1.41oz – 40000527152

Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Hershey’S Milk Chocolate Cookies, 9.5oz – 44000063979

Oreo Thins Extra Stuf Oreo Cookies Thin/Extr Stuf 13.97oz – 44000072223

Quaker Chewy Bars Smores 0.84oz – 30000007686

Rainbow Nerds Theater Box 5oz. – 79200558338

Red Bird Soft Peppermint Puffs, 5oz – 75044500175

Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks – 16000485341

Slim Jim Meat Stick Giant Dll Pkle Fr End Ck (2L) – 26200123455

Snickers 100 Calories Chocolate Candy Bar 0.76oz Bar – 40000531845

Soft Batch Single Serve Keebler Cookies Soft Batch Fr End Ck (2L) – 030100199434

Sour Punch Straws Strawberry Fr End Ck (2L) – 41364085081

Starburst Gummies Sours Candy Bag, 8oz – 022000135551

Starburst, Original 100 Calorie Pack Candies, 0.8oz – 22000001139

Sweet Smiles 3d Gummi Mixed Fruits, 3.95oz. – 6936756219806

Sweet Smiles Coffee Hard Candy – 24354201401

Sweet Smiles Gummi Building Blocks, 4oz. – 6936756217086

Teddy Grahams Go-Pack 2.75oz – 044000032135

Texas Pete Hot Sauce Original 6oz – 75500000010

Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate Fr End Ck (2L) – 70221005153

Trident Gum Original Fr End Ck (2L) – 12546011099

Trident White Gum Peppermint Fr End Ck (2L) – 12546676090

Trident White Spearmint Sugar Free Gum, 60 Pieces – 12546675666

Twix Caramel Bar 100 Calories Fr End Ck (2L) – 40000500537

Welchs Fruit Snacks Berry N Cherry Fr End Ck (2L) – 34856028925

Welchs Fruit Snacks Strawberry Fr End Ck (2L) – 34856028963

Welchs Island Fruit Single Fr End Ck (2L) – 34856909811

New Markdowns

Carryover Gift Sets – 90% off

Christmas Carryover Candy – 50% off

Super Bowl Party – 70% Off

Valentine Candy – 50% Off

Valentine Seasonal – 90% off

Valentine Socks – 90% off

Valentine Stationery/Party – 90% off

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