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Dollar General Gray Diamond Socks! Additional 50% off starting 06/09-06/11

This is a Gray Diamond & Green Dot Socks; Visual of some of the socks available right now. Stay tuned as I will be hitting up two other stores today. This is the Dollar General Clearance Sale starting 06/09-06/11. Get all the up to date info HERE.


Gray Diamond Socks

2pk Lol Wht Ha Licensed Slipper Sock Asti 2ct

UPC 752229148208 Price $1.50

Price During Sale $0.75

2pk Lol Blu Ang Licensed Slipper Sock Astd

UPC# 752229148185 Price $1.50

Price During Sale $0.75

2pk Lol GRN PRN Slipper Sock

UPC # 752229148161 Price $1.50

Price During Sale $0.75

-6pk Athletic Cr Sleep/Int/Scks Mens Socks Athletic Ast 5ct

UPC# 691466378637 PRICE; $2.50

Price During Sale $1.25


Green Dot Socks-CHECK BACK

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