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CHECK YOUR DOLLAR GENERAL FOR THESE LATEST CLEARANCE ITEMS; These are items that may be getting discontinued or packaging may be changing etc so this varies by store. No clearance price has been set as it is a YMMV. Each store that has clearance these items all have had different prices. These detergents clearance yearly, so check your Lowes, Home Depot, Staples, all sorts of stores will have these clearance so make sure to check them all.

THESE ITEMS WILL BE AN EXTRA 50% off during the Dollar General Clearance EVENT going on 05/12-05/14

How to manually enter item UPC code in your DG app

Click on pics to expand


Click on scanning option then choose enter barcode number. Enter the UPC code and press enter

Clorox Fabric Spray Sanitizer 24oz 44600321509

Clorox Fabric Spray Sanitizer 42oz 44600324197

Tide Liquid Laundry Hygnc CIn SM 37oz 37000585930

Ariel Pwdr Detergent Regular 700z 37000945994

All Fab Softener Free Clear 480z 72613460212

Tide PODS W/Febreze 23ct 37000916147

Snuggle Scent Booster Island Dreams 26ct 72613460892

Tide Simply Pods Daybreak Fresh 13ct 37000752592

Tide PODS Febreze Spring 12c 37000920243

TrueLiving G0235 Fab Soft Ult Spring 41oz 59647560026

Tide Simply Liquid Laundry Cit Vanilla 128z 37000607090

Gain Liquid Laundry Lavender 154oz 37000817734

Downy Fab Softener Clean Breeze 51oz 37000393009

Foca Pwdr Detergent 35.27oz 12005427584

Gain Liquid Laundry Moonlight Brz 154oz 37000771968

Gain Flings Moonlight Brz 60ct 37000488484

Tide Simply Liquid Laundry Bleach 31oz 37000633525

Gain HEC Pwdr Detergent Original 91oz 37000849100

Dawn Powerwash Kit Citrus 16oz 37000406570

Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry OxiFadeDefense 100.5oz 33200002635

Arm & Hammer Li Detergent Tropical Burst 48.5oz 33200002710

Clorox Bleach Regular 12107 44600324166

Clorox Splashls Bich Fresh Meadow 400z 44600323374

Gain HEC Pwdr Detergent Original 137oz- 37000849193

Bounee Dryer Sheets Wrinkle-Guard 20et 37000502227

Bounce Dryer Sheets Pet 150ct 30772052501

Gain Fab Softener Sunflower Frsh 500z 30772008010

Suavitel Fab Softener Gentle Care 41.50z 35000993267

Snuggle Shaker Scent Booster Lillies/Linen 90z 72613161560

Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Tropical Burst 67.50z 33200003168-

Downy Unstopable Bds Fresh 20.1oz 37000763604

Downy Unstopable Bds Lush 20.1oz 37000775416

(Suavitel Fab Softener Cmplt Hygiene 41.5oz 35000994929

Dreft Beads Blissful 14.80z 37000763413

Suavitel Sheets Field Flowers 185ct 35000983244

Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry OxiFadeDefense 118.1oz 33200975526

Lysol Sanitizer Spray 22oz 19200003506

Tide Liquid Laundry Oxi 154oz 37000575238

Gain Liquid Laundry Island Fresh 65oz 37000769675

Kotex-U Scrty Maxi Pads U/T w/w Hvy Lg 56ct 36000030532

This Is L Pads Overnight 36ct 852717003436

One By Poise Liners B/Control 50ct 36000534481

One By Poise Pads-Heavy B/Control 18ct 36000534504

Breeze A1432 MaxiPads Long Spr Sct 39ct 90891948871

Always Maxi Pads U/T w/w XL/Spr $3-28ct 37000899075

Carefree Pantiliners Unscent-Long 18ct 78300070030

Vagisil Anti-Itch Cr Max Strength 1oz 11509003720

LifeStyles Condoms Lubed UltraSensitive 12ct 70907217122

Always Maxi Pads U/T U/T W/W Reg S1 36ct 37000306566

One By Poise Pads-Regular B/Control 22ct 36000534498

Summers Eve Cleansing CIth Amber Nights 16ct 41608001594

Always Maxi Pads U/T w/w O/N S4 26ct 37000990895

Summers Eve Cleansing Wash Amber Nights 9oz 41608001587

Summers Eve Feminine Spray Amber Nights 2oz 41608001600

AlwaysRadiant Maxi Pads w/w Sct O/N S4 10ct 37000818113

AlwaysRadiant Liners Multi Style 54ct 37000833949

Bushs Baked Beans Brwn Sr Hckry 16oz 39400019763

Bushs Baked Beans Country Style 16oz 39400019725

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