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Dollar General Clearance Event Friday 01/27-Sunday 01/29

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HERE IT IS!!! Finally a date semi-confirmed for the DG next clearance event.

Friday January 27-Sunday January 29. At a recent DG regional meeting, some of the topics that were discussed was the lack of space for storage and fines that some of the DG's have recently been paying for the stores being unsafe. It was discussed that the clearance sales to get rid of the products were few and far between then in recent years. It was also "leaked" that the next clearance sale would be January 27-Sunday January 29. It was also said this would be a core clearance which means regular clearance items.

Remember that all clearance sales are not the same and be sure to scan at your store. Look for clearance tables and yellow tags. Some items may have been on clearance for a while at certain areas, so they may not be available.

As soon as we get confirmed word on what is included and date, we will post.

This clearance event was cancelled due to stores In Ohio being shut down for violations.

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