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Dollar General Clearance EVENT! 06/09-06/11-VISUALS ADDED

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Dollar General Clearance Event

Well folks looks like there may be another clearance event coming soon! Waiting on official word on what this will include but looks like since the email said EVENT it looks like some of the stores that have a ton of items left have requested another event.

Everything you need to know;

WHERE; Dollar General Stores; As always this is a YMMV; That means EVERY store SHOULD be participating but some say they are not. This is due to lack of training on the stores part as the manager most of the time does not check emails and or gets store ready. The day of, most of the time the extra clearance price IE; 50% off yellow sticker price has to be over ridden. Just be patient and if your store says they are not participating, just go to another one.

WHEN: June 09-June 11

What can you do now to prepare:

Check out your store for the clearance section items. Take pics and look at UPC numbers. Check to see what your store has in the clearance section that you can use coupons on. As long as the coupon does not exclude coupons, you can use them.

Between 6/9-6/11, the following products |will be an extra 50% off the already reduced clearance price!

POG Clearance (see below)

Clearance Section

Brown Dot Home 🟤

Purple Dot Home 🟣

Yellow Dot Toys 🟡 (only older toys F20, FW20)

Gray Diamond and Green Dot Socks 🟢

Select Masks

Take 50% off regular retail of Memorial Day Flowers

Select Sanitizers and wipes

Select Lawn & Garden Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Green Dot Home - Buy 2, Get 1 Free 🟢

Select Suncare - Buy 1, Get 1 FREE

Studio Selections & Wild Tropics

Tips & Tricks For The Clearance Sale

-Go Early-Beat the crowds to get the best deals

-Check back often-some stores have so much inventory that they will be stocking and restocking

-Turn in WIFI before stepping into store to scan items.

-Be organized

-Be nice to the workers they are just as frustrated


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