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Digital Entertainment; How Has It Evolved

We all have a lot of things to juggle in life, which means that when we head home from work, we're often looking for some form of entertainment. What kinds of games did you play when you were a child? (Remember when the goal was to make your way through the level as quickly and accurately as possible?) Do those games still exist today? If not, what do kids play these days? Read on to find out.

There are so many options for how to unwind, learn something new, and just have a good time in this digital age.. Some people are looking for an escape from the stresses of their everyday lives while others might be looking for something to keep their kids busy and out of their hair. No matter what you're looking for, there's something out there that will suit your needs!

With the help of the internet, online gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in this digital age. Online gaming platforms such as Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network allow gamers to play their favorite games with other gamers from around the world.

There's no doubt that the digital age has changed the face of entertainment. No longer are we confined to our televisions or local movie theater to be entertained. We can now be entertained anywhere, anytime, and on any device. But what does this mean for the good old-fashioned game? I remember when Atari came out! Yes I am dating myself. I remember playing for hours on end to where your hand was cramping from the joystick you were wrestling to get that darn pacman through that maze. At that time we were amazed at the fun it brought. So this got me in the mood to check out some online sites where maybe I could play some Pac-Man, well I came across, an online gaming site that offers 1000s of games. Although this game is technically Pac Chef it is exactly like Pac-Man. You are chomping your way through coins & foods to unlock the next recipe ( get to the next level.) It was a little hard to navigate at first as you use your arrow keys on your keyboard but you do get used to it. One of the best things about this site is there is no requirements to download anything on your computer. This was a HUGE bonus for me. I just clicked on the pic and started playing.

One of the things that I noticed as soon as I saw the Pac Chef, was the game next to it, Tetra Blocks, good grief, another classis. This was another game that I had to try out lol. It is exactly like the old game we played as a kid but without the controller. It took me a while to even remember what kind of controller we used, but I remembered quickly to remember that it was the old Nintendo system. Navigating the keyboard arrows for this game was def a little more challenging but once I got my fingers situated and figured it out, it was no time until I was busting up lines. Then it hit me, Super Mario Brothers lol. I started browsing the site and it really looked like they had some interesting games, but at this point I have already spent all night playing. I started checking out some of the other online gaming sites to see what is out there and offered. There are tons of different games sites you can choose games and you can even buy nostalgic game systems, whatever you choose I am sure you wont be disappointed.

The games we played as children have definitely evolved over time.

Take chess, another timeless classic. In the past, this was a board game that two people would play together in person. Today, there are many online chess platforms where people from all over the world can play against each other.

Even though the games we play may have changed, one thing remains the same: they're still a great way to entertain ourselves and others. So whether you're playing an online game or a traditional board game, remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your free time, be sure to check out some of the best online games available today.

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