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Coupon Workshop Day 2; Reading and Understanding your coupons.

Once you have mastered how to obtain your coupons, you now must understand how to use them. Reading and understanding coupons sometimes is the hardest part. The best advice we can give is READ, READ, READ. Everything you need to know is listed on that coupon. Think of the coupon as a contract between you and the store, it is your job as a responsible coupon user to understand what the coupons can be used on. Now, there has been an a huge spike on usage of coupons in a way not intended. I do not care what any other group or person says, you can ONLY USE THAT COUPON ON WHAT IS LISTED. no matter what cure little name you give it, if you use a coupon on anything other then what is listed on that coupon, it is misuse and hurts us all. With that being said GO HERE and get all the info you need on how to read and understand your coupons.

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