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Coupon Workshop Day 1;

Everyone always asks. “Where do I start?, I don't even know where to begin” There is no magic secret to beginning couponing. In fact, you have already made the decision to begin couponing, so CONGRATS, you have made the first step. In the upcoming days, we will go over step by step what it takes to become a successful and GREAT couponer. Now let's remember that everything takes time, you are not going to walk into a store and walk out with $500 worth of stuff for $1.00 on your first trip. We are going to take this step by step, day by day. Your first trip may not turn out the way you planned, but that is OK. That is how we learn. Knowing where to obtain coupons is going to be step one in your quest to achieve greatness in couponing. GO HERE for your complete guide to obtaining coupons.

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