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Cola Deals For Week Of Oct 23rd - Oct 30th 2022

Everyone has their vice in life and for about 48% of America Cola, Soda, Pop, is one of them. Here in the northeast we call it soda. What do you call it? Everyone is looking for ways to cut prices on everyday items, so here is the best deals on an everyday staple in most houses. Here are your cola deals for the week of .



Remember that deals track at CVS so that you can keep an eye on your coupon limits. Want more CVS DEALS for the current week? Check out all the CVS DEALS HERE. Want to learn how to coupon at CVS? Check out our CVS COUPONING 101

Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, 7UP or Canada Dry 12-15 pk., 12 oz cans.; buy 2 get 3rd FREE

Check your store for correct price

Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Hawaiian Punch, 7UP, A&W or Canada Dry 2 liter bottle buy 1 get 1 50% OFF

Check your store for correct price


Dollar General

All Dollar General Coupons are digital coupons found in the DG APP. Want to learn how to coupon at Dollar General? Check out our DG Couponing Guide .


Dollar General 4 Day Sale, Dates listed below. Pay $10.00 for four six packs making each pack $2.50 Each



Rite Aid

Deals at Rite Aid can be tracked so that you can follow your couponing limits.

Pepsi, Mtn Dew, Canada Dry, Dr Pepper and 7up Products 12 Pack, 12 oz. BUY TWO GET ONE FREE

Check your store for price.


12-Pack Soft Drinks Select varieties. Limit 3; 3/$12.99 or 1/$8.99

Canada Dry; Ginger Ale Ginger Ale, 12 pack 12 oz x 12 pack

A&W, Sunkist, 7Up, Squirt,

12-Pack Pepsi or Dr Pepper Products 3/ $10.99 or $7.99 each

12-Pack Coca-Cola Products 3/ $13.99 or $8.99 each

6-Pack Pepsi Mini Cans 2/ $6.00 or $4.99 each