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Can you stack BOGO coupons and dollar off coupons?

In the short answer, NO. Think of a manufacturer coupon as a contract. It is your job as the consumer to abide by the contract that you and the manufacturer have together listed on the coupon. Now read the coupon. The coupon reads Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, that is listing two items, the one you buy and the one you get FREE. The fine print states " Limit 1 Coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated. That means that only one coupon can be combined with that BOGO coupon. Now, there are exceptions to this rule.

Here are the exceptions

You have a store coupon on Pantene, or shampoo items store coupon that allows stacking.

You have a store coupon for the same items that is not a manufacturer coupon.

These BOGO free coupons are great to stack with store coupons or store BOGO free sales.

Remember to always check with your store policy on their coupon policy.

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