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Valentines Butter Candles; Discover The Hottest Trend Of 2024

Updated: Jan 2

Valentines Butter Candles

We have seen a lot of unique and creative trends come and go in 2023, but the newest one to emerge is definitely something to get excited about - butter candles! In this article, we'll discuss what these candles are, why they are so popular right now, and how you can make your own. So if you're looking for something new to try out this year, read on to discover the hottest trend of 2023, now 2024 - butter candles!

These edible candles look absolutely incredible, burn and smell nice. You can use any flavorful herbs or additives to make them. The classic flavors of honey, coconut and chocolate melted butter will complement fine baked goods and cookies on your dessert board.

Ingredients for your Valentines Butter Candle

1.5 sticks of butter

1-1.5 tsp. honey

1 tsp. cocoa butter

2 tsp. coconut cream

2 pieces of chocolate

food-grade wick

Heart Silicone mold

Instructions for your Valentines Butter Candle

Prepare the molds for solidifying the butter candles. You can use paper cups, silicone muffin molds, or ceramic heat-resistant cups. For the wick,food-grade wick is what you need. Tie a piece of cord around a skewer and cut off the desired length. Place the molds on a board. Arrange the skewer and wick construction as in the photo.

Place 1/3 of the butter in a bowl, add honey. Melt in microwave for 30 seconds.

Pour the liquid mass into a glass or cream jug. Pour the honey butter into the mold.

For the chocolate version, melt butter, chocolate and cacao butter.

Pour into the mold.

For the exotic coconut candle, mix the butter and coconut cream in a bowl. You can add a little powdered sugar if desired (I didn't). Pour the coconut butter into the molds and send all the molds to the freezer.

The candles can be set in saucers or left in cups. I put them in paper muffin trivets. Arrange the fragrant buttery candles on a board and serve. The candles burn wonderfully, filling the room with fragrance and melting.

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