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The Best Maryland Crab Soup Recipe-Secret Ingredient

Best Crab Soup Recipe
Best Crab Soup Recipe

The Best Maryland Crab Soup Recipe

If you are from the Eastern Shore you know how yummy a nice hot bowl of crab soup can be, but did you know that tweaking a few ingredients can make this dish even more desirable. Better yet, it is such a cost cutting step that you will never turn back on the way you cook crab soup again. This recipe is so easy to prepare that you will mind when anyone requests it.

If you are a shore girl like myself you are very familiar with the delicious crustacean from the Chesapeake bay area. Yes, the Chesapeake blue crab. This hearty soup can be served with

I am going to start off giving you the secret to the crab meat. So many times you will be out at restaurants and the restaurants menu reads that the "voted best" or "worlds best" crab soup is made with lump crab meat. Well, we tried our recipe with lump and even the freshest of fresh crabmeat left a little fishy taste, so back to the drawing board. What our research showed that claw meat, yes claw meat was the best for this recipe. If you are from the shore you know this goes against everything that we were taught our entire life on what to choose for crab meat. I know in recipes everyone screams use jumbo lump crab meat, but I am telling you, at least give this great recipe a try and then report back! I promise this will be one of the most delicious soup recipes you have tried. We of course use the claw meat from blue crabs and we only use fresh crab meat. This is no hidden secret of the eastern shore, this is what we have came up with after so many different results of this recipe. The claw meat really makes the crab flavor pop. We find the crab claw meat in the seafood department of our local grocery store. Of course make sure that your crab meat comes from the USA as a lot of the crab meat comes from out of the country and YES you can tell the difference from the rich flavor and texture of the meat.

Best Crab Soup Recipe
Best Crab Soup Recipe

The next secret to this recipe is onion soup mix

Yes you read that right, onion soup mix. Add two packs to your recipe and this will give it a great taste. With the onion soup mix there will be very little seasonings that you will need to add. We came up with trying the onion soup mix as so many recipes call for beef broth.

Now let's get on with your recipe.

Maryland Crab Soup Recipe

First let me add that I cook this recipe in my crockpot. You can cook it stove top, in a large pot, but I find for when I am cooking this for family gatherings it is a quick and easy way to create a delicious dish in little time. I cook this on medium heat. When I am in a hurry I will cook this in my large soup pot on medium-high heat.

First I am starting out with a 15 oz can of tomato sauce. If you would like you can use any kind of tomato-based soup. Some people even add seafood stock, but we just use about two-three cups water I use the store brand tomato sauce. I add the can of tomato sauce to my crock pot and add 30 oz (two of the empty tomato sauce cans) of water to the sauce in the crock pot.

After that is all stirred together I am adding 2/ 8oz cans of mixed vegetables. You can use fresh produce if you choose.

Next I am going to add two packets of onion soup mix.

You will want to mix everything in the crock pot together. The next ingredients will definitely be placed in judged by preference. Some yummy Old Bay seasoning and pepper, you can use j.o. crab seasoning if you have a preference. You can continue to add your old bay and black pepper to your taste. Stir everything with a large spoon and let cook. Also as the soup cooks in the crock pot you can add water to your liking. I let this cook on medium for about three hours or low heat for about 5. This recipe is such a hit with EVERYONE who tastes it. Give it a try and let us know how you like it.

Ingredients for The Best Maryland Crab Soup Recipe

Best Crab Soup Recipe
Best Crab Soup Recipe

1 container of fresh crab claw meat

1-15 oz can of tomato sauce

1 Box of Onion Soup mix

2-15 oz cans of mixed vegetables

Old Bay to taste

Pepper to taste

Prepare Soup

Add the tomato sauce to crock pot.

Add 2- 15 oz cans (empty tomato sauce cans) of water

Add two packets of onion soup mix

Add crabmeat

Add mixed vegetables

Add Old Bay and Pepper to taste

The best Maryland Crab Soup Recipe
The best Maryland Crab Soup Recipe

You can choose also to cook this on a cook top stove.

You can choose to serve with some saltine crackers or crusty bread and butter.

Let the soup cool to room temperature to store in an airtight container, that is if there is any left! If you have left overs the next day you can a new bowl of fresh crab soup and serve with some saltine crackers. Check out our creamy crab soup recipe made with heavy whipping cream! Get our cream of crab soup recipe here. We are hoping that this is the best soup you have had and will share your secret with your friends and family, but be prepared, they will beg for it at every family function.

The best Maryland Crab Soup Recipe
The best Maryland Crab Soup Recipe

Maryland Crab Soup is a delicious and hearty dish that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. With just a few simple steps, you can make your own amazing crab soup right in your own kitchen. Try it out today and you’ll be sure to impress any guest with this traditional Chesapeake Bay classic. Enjoy!

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