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Become a Couponing Pro at Walgreens

Step 1- Obtain your Walgreens -Walgreens Balance Rewards. Go in store or request online. I personally would go in store where you will get your card on the spot.

Step 2; Download the Walgreens app and link your Walgreens Balance Rewards account.This will enable you to clip coupons to your card, look at your rewards, refill prescriptions, see weekly ads, and much more

Step 3-Know your policy! The first thing into successful couponing is knowing the store coupon policy, Print out a copy of the policy and keep it with you. This can be beneficial in many ways. Especially starting out, if you are unsure you can ask to refer to the policy. Also, if you know that something is allowed, you can pull out your policy, and politely say, “Can you help me out, I am new and it says here that’! This way, the cashier/manager will know you know the policy, and to be honest, he/she may not know the policy. GO HERE to get your Walgreens coupon polocy.

Step 4-Take a look at the match ups and ad and look at what items are on sale and giving register rewards etc. Check out your app for Walgreen Store Coupons and Manufacturer coupons etc. Your best best is to check out the weekly match ups, make a list and clip your coupons. GO HERE for our weekly Walgreens match ups

Step 5- Be organized and ready! This is one of the BIGGEST pieces of advice I can pass along. When you are ready to go, have your list of items you want to purchase along with your coupons paper clipped to the list. This will insure that you will not make any mistakes.

Step 6- Start small and do not chase every deal. If you are just starting out, you will see that you may make some mistakes, get burned out etc, don't be hard on yourself. It happens. Do not get discouraged. Wipe yourself off, reset and get ready for the next week start of sales. Take it one day and one sale at a time. Follow one breakdown at a time to get the feel of it, then add one more and so on.

Here are all the reasons that you want to shop at Walgreens;

Accumulate Balance Rewards Points and Register Rewards when you buy qualifying items. This is like money to spend at Walgreens for buying items you are already buying on sale. This is their “rewards program”

You can accumulate Register Rewards (RR) and Balance Rewards Points (BR)

Balance Rewards points will accumulate as you make qualifying purchases. Points are redeemable in increments of 1,000:

1,000 = $1

2,000 = $2

3,000 = $3

4,000 = $4

5,000 = $5

And so on. You can check your RR by checking your Walgreens app.

You can earn an unlimited number of points, but can’t redeem more than 50,000 ($50) in a single transaction at Walgreens.

Spend minimums must be met before manufacturer coupons, but after store coupons and savings. That means if the promotion is “spend $20, receive 5000 points” and you spend $20 on four $5 items, you’ll receive your 5000 points at checkout. But, if you have store coupons to use on those four items, your qualifying subtotal will drop below $20 and you will not receive 5000 points. You would have to buy another qualifying item worth at least the value of the store coupons. That is not manufacturer coupons, but store coupons.

Register Rewards (RR) The grey, cube-shaped printer that sits next to the cash register is called a Catalina coupon machine. It spits out coupons based on the items you buy. At Walgreens, some of those coupons are called Register Rewards. Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons. That means, when you redeem one, Walgreens will be reimbursed for the value of the Register Reward as if you paid cash. Register Rewards are subject to Walgreens coupon policy like any other manufacturer coupon. Walgreens coupon policy allows only one manufacturer coupon per item purchased. If you’re purchasing five items and using five different manufacturer coupons, you cannot also redeem a Register Reward in the same transaction. If the promotion is ‘Buy 3 Crest items, Get $6 Register Reward’ and you buy six toothpastes, you’ll only receive one $6 Register Reward. That’s because there is a limit of one identical Register Reward per transaction. In order to get the most savings, you’ll want to do two separate transactions–buy three items in the first and another three in the second.

You may be wondering, “Can I use the $6 Register Reward I received in the first transaction to help pay for the second? The answer is ‘No. Not if you want to get a new Register Reward to print.’ Your best bet is to save both the $6 Register Reward from the first transaction and the $6 Register Reward from the second transaction for another shopping trip.

If you have more to buy the same day, you can redeem the $6 Register Rewards immediately on anything in the store. You can even spend it on other items, say vitamins, which are triggering their own Register Reward. If you redeem a Crest Register Reward on a Vitamin purchase, you’ll still be eligible for a Register Reward for buying Vitamins. The Register Reward problem only arises when you use do back-to-back transactions for the same brand promo

Stacking store coupons and manufacturer coupons at Walgreens. One of the best ways to save 50-90% at Walgreens is by stacking Walgreens store coupons and manufacturer coupons. Walgreens coupon policy allows one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item.

Walgreens coupons can be found in your app to clip to your card and in a monthly coupon book that can be found in the front of the store.

You can scan your item when you are inside walgreens to see if there is a coupon available right from your phone.

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