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All you need is LOVE!

Nothing says LOVE then a hot bath and your favorite beverage to warm your soul. Personally I love the pampering sediments way more then flowers. I am a busy mom whom loves my "ME" time so when my husband presents me with these jesters they mean so much.

Imagine a pampering session while enjoying your favorite hot beverage! ALL you need is LOVE offers just that! A soothing cup of hot tea or a freshly brewed cup of coffee while lathering your skin with Magnolia Soaps and Scrubs*, a perfect match made in heaven! 

This handmade decorated 16oz., Ceramic / Porcelain Coffee / Tea Bistro Cup is absolutely stunning! Handcrafted gems carefully placed around a large silhouette heart. Your friends and family will love receiving this cup as a gift! Alicia Boateng Designs logo is permanently on the back of the cup (front logo is only for picture purposes).

*Magnolia Soap is made with goat's milk, coconut milk and raw shea butter. Scented with a subtle scent of vanilla, hints of roses and includes shredded loofah, perfect for exfoliation.

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