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Bath & Body Works Black Friday-Why this is one place you need to stop!

Black Friday is historically one of the most busiest shopping days of the year because of the discounts and incentives to shop. One place I always make sure to stop by is Bath & Body Works. There are three reasons why I will fight the crowds to make sure that I get there on Black Friday and I will share them with you.

The Sale! Every year on Black Friday you can score buy 3 get 3 FREE on EVERYTHING.

YES EVERYTHING! Now the secret to this is make sure you group everything buy 6. So if you have 6 bubble bath at $12.50 and 6 wallflowers at $6.50 you are going to want to do two separate transactions because the lowest priced items will come off.

Coupons! On Black Friday ONLY you can stack EVERY coupon that you have from Bath & Body works as long as you reach the price threshold on each coupon. Please keep in mind that each set of items should be in groups of six, make sure your FREE item coupon should be an additional making that group 7 because it will mess up the transaction.

Exclusive Tote: Every year when you spend $30.00 you can get a tote full of Bath & Body Works items for $30.00. This bag is jammed pack full of some great Bath and Body works items that normally retail for over $100.00. Now, you may ask yourself, am I really going to use the items that are in the bag? Well if there is a scent that is in the bag that you just don't want? You can ask the cashier if you can swap that scent out for one that you like, it just has to be the same item.