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Lesson 3; Planning Your Trip

Now that you have obtained your coupons and you know how to successfully read them it is time to go on a shopping trip. My suggestion is to start small pick one store, yes one store. We suggest this because it gives you the feel of how couponing works but without the overwhelmingness of trying to learn too much at one time. It is best to start with one copycat deal. What is a copycat deal? A copycat deal is a deal that you will see posted that you can do step-by-step to get the understanding of how it works. Check out our deals from a store around you and try to duplicate that deal. Once you do that first deal and see how it works out you will be more comfortable with that knowledge and able to move to bigger trips. Your first trip you may feel nervous or be muttering to yourself what if this doesn't work etc? But if you follow the breakdowns you will be successful.


Start small

Start with one store

Copycat 1 deal

Screen Shot or write down the deal you are going to do

Attach your coupons needed to the paper

Get the products

Go to check out

Hand the cashier the products

After they are rung up, hand the cashier the coupons

It is that easy

Report back on how it went.

In our next lesson we will cover how to finds deals by matching coupons and sales.

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