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Lesson 4; Matching your own deals.

Now that you have successfully had your first trip, you are now ready to sit down and match some sales ads and coupons together on your own. The best way to do so is take some time and sit down with your sales ads, the coupons that you have and a good old a piece of paper and pen. Glance through the sales ad and look for some deals that you find are good deals that you

would like to buy to purchase. If you’re just looking at the ads for the good deals and not for what you need per say you can make a list of just the great deals. When looking at the ads and looking for deals you want to find deals that you think are good, you may find that paying $.75 for a bottle of shampoo is great but the next person will say they never want paid for shampoo ever again this doesn’t mean that the deal you find is not a good deal. You can decide what your top price for an item will or will not be, these are your deals. Look for deals that give rewards such as cashback and store bonus cash or points. If you see a good deal and you know there’s a coupon out there for it but not sure where to find it you can check the coupon database located here. The coupon database will tell you how much the coupons are worth and what date they came out. Please remember that some coupons are regional which means they will not be in every paper. Next you will want to make a list of your deals including store, item, coupons, and the breakdown for the deal. This will also give you a guesstimate for what you will pay out of pocket. This will be the starting of your stock pile. When doing your necessities you will want to make a list of what will be needed for the week. Plan a menu for the week and make a list of what you will need. Not only does this help for savings but also with organization and time at home. You can search for items that you need by stores in your area and find what store has the best deal that week. You will see that starting a list and sticking to the list the savings will start to rack up.

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