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Companies to Contact for 09/28

Good morning everyone! Today is Saturday, September 29. We are going to start out with some simple companies to contact to get free samples, coupons, and much more. Please remember to follow all of the instructions completely as they will be a key to your success in getting free stuff that you will love. We are going to start out with the simple companies that love to send out samples to their loyal customers. The key to this is not to directly ask for samples or coupons, you are going to asked to be added to the list and I will give you a sample letter of what you were asking. Please also keep in mind that a lot of these companies will say that they do not send out samples but will after the fact. Please do not get discouraged if you get a message stating that they do not participate. Here we go and let’s have some fun.

Enfamil; Join Enfamil Family Beginnings® and get up to $400 in FREE gifts including coupons, formula samples, Belly Badges™, and more. NOW, these samples are available for anyone whom signs up and requests them. FIRST JOIN HERE. What you will do is sign up, wait a couple days for your info to show, contact them HERE on Facebook and write them a very nice message stating your child's age or when you are due. Let them know that you are a brand loyal customer and ask to added to their coupons, promotions, samples and even swag list. Let them know you would be grateful for anything they would send or add you to being a mom etc. Also add that you are very active on social media and would be willing to write a review etc.

Everyday EverydayFamily - Everyday Mom Sampling Club, Click on pic to sign up. Sign up for Everyday Family receive stage based pregnancy and baby email newsletters, offers and weekly coupon alerts as well as access to free baby samples, baby coupons, baby magazines and more. This is another company that sends out samples etc for anyone signing up. You will do the same thing that you did with Enfamil with this. Sign up, wait a couple days and message them.

Now we will be getting into some of the fun stuff that no one is even thinking of.

ICEE; You know ICEE, the awesome drinks at some convenience stores and other retailers? Well they are pretty generous sending stuff. Noe this is one email that you will have to customize. Do you have someone that loves ICEE? Let them know who they are. Information gathered they love their fans that are kids. I have seen people write that their little ones love to suck on the ICEE when they are teething or have sore throats etc. Ask them to add you to their mailing list, explain that you understand that they cannot send out samples because of the nature of the product but askif they have any SWAG or coupons list they can add you to. Add your home mailing address. Contact them HERE.

Burt's Bees; This is one company that will come back with a NO at first but then one day you check your mailbox and have some great items. Now this is another company that you will have to personalize your email. Tell them you are brand loyal. I talked about my love for their lip balm and baby products. Go into detail about your love of their products. Ask them to add you to any email list, promotion, coupon, swag promotions etc. and add your home address. Also add that you are on social media etc and would be more then happy to write a review about their product etc. Tell them that you are always raving about their product to your friends etc and posting. Get into personal detail,talk about how the lip balm keeps your lips hydrated during your work day, or you are in the sun with your kids on the soccer field and how it works etc. CONTACT THEM HERE.

Crayola Company; They are pretty easy to contact and they will send out coloring pages, coupons, and some small packs of crayons. Just ask them to add you to their coupons, promotions mailing list and tell them you are a brand loyal customer. GO HERE and contact them.

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