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Best Guide to Obtaining Coupons


The first step in couponing is obtaining your coupons. Here is a list of ways to obtain coupons.

Obtaining Coupons
Obtaining Coupons

1.Sunday Paper: The Sunday Paper is the most easiest and popular way to obtain coupons. Check with your local area and find out what local newspapers are available. Home delivery will give you the best price and most times incentives to purchase delivery. Check for early editions on the weekend (Friday + Saturday) with cheaper prices. Check your dollar stores for Sunday Papers.

2. Printable Coupons: There are many sites where you can print off coupons. Check our website, under the coupons tab and look at all the different websites that offer regular printable coupons. Also, check out manufacturer websites, facebook pages etc to find exclusive printable coupons. Most sites you can only print out 2 prints per device. You can print coupons from your smartphone from and Grocery IQ by downloading the app under your play store.

3. Emailing Manufacturer; You can email any manufacturer and ask to be put on their coupons,promotions and mailing list. Tell them that you love their products and use them all the time. Praise them. Or if you have had an experience with their product that does not hold up to your standards, let them know.

Obtaining Coupons
Obtaining Coupons

The way that manufacturers know if they are meeting or exceeding expectations of consumers is by the consumer giving their feedback. Do not come right out and ask for coupons. Go to any manufacturer website and drop them a quick note. Go here for the master list of companies to write.

4.Trading and buying inserts and clipped coupons: There are many ways to obtain inserts and clipped coupons. There are clipping services. The clipping service I recommend is Kristi Phillips our awesome supplier. There are trading groups in social media, we have one called Crazy For Trading Coupons, There are also insert suppliers that sell inserts. Some will say it is against the law to buy or sell coupons, but there is no law stating such. The coupon reads that if it is sold or transferred it voids the contract. One could say voiding the contract is against the law. Nevertheless this is another way to obtain coupons.

Obtaining Coupons
Obtaining Coupons

5. Blinkies; Blinkies are coupons that are located inside stores and spit out coupons. They normally are very hard to find coupons and normally are high value.

Even if you are not going to use it right now, grab a couple, “couple” lol. You may use them at a later date.

Obtaining Coupons
Obtaining Coupons

6. Peelies; Peelies are coupons that are located on products in the stores.

Some stores will not allow you to use the peelies unless they physically take them off themselves.You will find awesome peelies on products, keep your eyes peeled.

Obtaining Coupons
Obtaining Coupons

7.Tear Pads; Tear pads are coupons, like is sounds, on pads hanging in stores. These will found throughout the stores just like blinkies, so keep your eyes open.

8.Store Apps; Check out the store website and store app. They will have special ‘clip to card” coupons in addition to printable coupons. Always be sure to confirm if the coupon is a store or manufacturer before trying to stack.

9. Going Retail Shopping? There are lots of apps out there that post retail coupons that can be used in store or online. My favorite one to use is Retail Me Not. You may recognize the name because the RedPlum inserts are now called Retail Me Not. Now could that mean that your RedPlum coupons could be going digital? Time will only tell. GO HERE and download Retail Me Not.

10. Get creative; Have neighbors, family, coworkers etc that get the Sunday paper and do not use the coupons? Ask them to give their coupons to you. Look for local groups in your area that get together and trade coupons. Take a walk on recycling night in the neighborhood and see who is throwing away their coupons, its a win win, you get exercise, you meet neighbors, and you get your coupons. SCORE.

I hope this helps in your quest to becoming an AWESOME couponer. Have questions? Ask them. Have an idea of how to get coupons? Share them. Want to share all this great information with your friends? Share this post for them to learn also.

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