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Best Guide to Obtaining Coupons

Updated: Feb 6


The first step in couponing is obtaining your coupons. Here is a list of ways to obtain coupons.

Obtaining Coupons
Obtaining Coupons

1.Sunday Paper: The Sunday Paper is the most easiest and popular way to obtain coupons. Check with your local area and find out what local newspapers are available. Home delivery will give you the best price and most times incentives to purchase delivery. Check for early editions on the weekend (Friday + Saturday) with cheaper prices. Check your dollar stores for Sunday Papers.

2. Printable Coupons: There are many sites where you can print off coupons. Check our website, under the coupons tab and look at all the different websites that offer regular printable coupons. Also, check out manufacturer websites, facebook pages etc to find exclusive printable coupons. Most sites you can only print out 2 prints per device. You can print coupons from your smartphone from and Grocery IQ by downloading the app under your play store. For a complete list of printable coupons CLICK HERE.

3. Emailing Manufacturer; You can email any manufacturer and ask to be put on their coupons,promotions and mailing list. Tell them that you love their products and use them all the time. Praise them. Or if you have had an experience with their product that does not hold up to your standards, let them know.