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Ibotta; What you need to know and how to use it.

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

If you are like me the biggest problem with using the rebate apps is remembering to use them. Rebate apps are awesome because they allow you to gain savings on the back end of the deal after you have already used your coupons and gotten your savings. Rebate apps are pretty simple to use and can be beneficial in savings.

Step 1; Download the Ibotta App HERE.

Step 2; Create an account which is super easy. Just create an account linking your Facebook profile.

Step 3;Open your app and look for rebates that you would be interested in.

Step 4; Choose your rebates.

Step 5; Shop

Step 6; Go to your app and choose to redeem your rebates.

Step 7; Download your receipt by using your camera feature on your phone. It will walk you right through everything such as getting the receipt in the parameters.

Step 8; Once you submit the receipt you will get a confirmation stating that it was received,

Step 9; Your rebate will come back saying that it was accepted, if it was not accepted it will tell you why. They tell you that it takes 24 hours but in my experience it has been way less time.

Once you get to $20.00 you can cash out. It is that simple.

Linking your accounts.

Many stores you can link to your Ibotta account. Go to your Ibotta App, then click on your stores logo and choose online or store shopping. Then you can click on the bar at the top of the page that reads link accounts. IT REALLY IS THAT EASY. JUST ALWAYS REMEBER TO CHOOSE YOUR REBATES BEFORE YOU SHOP

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