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The Ultimate Saving Guide to Hobby Lobby

The first time I ever stepped into a Hobby Lobby store I was happily overwhelmed and impressively excited. There are so many ways to save at shopping at Hobby Lobby for your favorite things. Hobby Lobby carries crafts, decorating home accents, seasonal items, and most importantly a huge variety of fabric. Here are some simple yet effective ways to save at Hobby Lobby.

The first that you’re going to want to do is to check out hobby lobby 40% off weekly coupon. This can be found via website at or in hobby lobby‘s weekly ad. There are couple things that you need to know about hobby lobby coupons. The first is that it’s 40% off of any regular priced item, this means this cannot be used on sale items. The one thing that can be noted about these 40% off coupon that is if something is on sale for less than 40% you can opt to take the retail price and use the 40% off coupon instead. The coupon also states one per customer per day. So, how do we get further savings? Well let’s get creative, let’s drag the kids to Hobby Lobby, your husband would love a trip to Hobby Lobby.

The second thing about saving at Hobby Lobby that you want to know is the sales cycles. Hobby Lobby pretty much runs the same sales cycles every few weeks, some every other week, and some every three weeks and so on. The thing to do is to know that it’s great to know the sales cycles so that if you’re going to want to get something and you know that it’s going to be on sale you can opt to wait. Here is the listing of hobby lobby sale items.

Another way to save at Hobby Lobby is to wait for clearance, you will find the first couple aisles in the Hobby Lobby store or seasonal items. These items will be changed around from isle to isle depending on what season it is. You can anticipate the higher-priced items that might be on your wish list are guaranteed to go on sale the day after the holiday. So, if there is a garland that you’ve been eyeing up the entire Christmas season you can bet that it will go on sale the day after Christmas sometimes at 70% and sometimes even topping 90%. Take a look around at each aisle as you’re going down and you’ll see a red sticker placed on some and that is a clearance price. These items can be tucked away in little nooks and crannies of the store so you wanna keep your eyes open as your shopping.

If you belong to a school or church or a charitable organization you can get 10% off in-store discount. The only thing you have to do is bring in a credit card or check from the organization and have it approved by the manager. This is a great way if you’re a teacher, A church leader, or just someone running sports organizations can rack up some savings on some items that are much needed.

Another thing that a lot of people don’t know about is you can you take competitor prices to Hobby Lobby such as Joann fabrics and other craft stores etc. The competitor price has got to be on the exact item only they cannot be like items. They do have some exclusions such as door busters crickets, silhouette, Sizzix, cuddle bug, patterns, clearance, and closeout items. You also cannot combine your 40% off coupon with price match.

Another great way to save at Hobby Lobby is 4 to 5 times a month hobby lobby will offer free shipping with a minimum purchase on their website at this is a great way for people to see that do not have a hobby lobby in their area.

If you love Hobby Lobby as much as I do you’ll find yourself roaming the aisles for hours and looking for countless items that you never even realized you ever needed. Want to check out the great sales for this week at Hobby Lobby? GO HERE.

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