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Where to obtain coupons

Your first step into couponing is obtaining coupons. So now you ask, where do I get them. Here are some simple ways to obtain coupons.

1. Sunday Paper; This is the easiest and most popular way to obtain coupons. Sometimes it may not be the most economical way since papers run from $2.00-$3.50.

2. Printable coupons; This is also an easy way to obtain coupons with higher values that may not be able to be obtained in print. Need a HUGE list of printable coupons? GO HERE.

3. Write the manufacturer; Did you know by sending a quick email or even calling the manufacturer you can get some great high value coupons from them? Yes, it is true. To get a list and what to say GO HERE.

4. Ask friends, family, neighbors. If you know someone who gets the Sunday paper or even the coupons in the mail and they do not use them, ask them if you could have them. Most just throw it away.

5. Check the recycle bins in the neighborhood. Now you do not have to go out hiding your face like you are about to rob a house, but while taking the dog for walk, jogging, or maybe this is the push you need to get out there after dinner for a walk, look in the recycle bins.


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