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Receive $10 OFF your purchase from Blink Health.

I never fall for deals like this and I am so glad I actually tried this. I have been on thyroid meds for about 2 years, they recently changed my meds and for some reason my insurance has decided that these new ones are not medically necessary. I went onto this site just to see this so called discount. Well Rite Aid was giving me a "discounted" price of $32.49. After seeing the price of $21.00 I did not believe it so I called Rite Aid and they told me this is a legit deal. So here is what you do,you go into the meds list, purchase your strength and count, pay online, take in your blink info, and pick up your meds. YES it is that easy. I could not really believe it but have been doing it now for 3 months. CHECK OUT WHAT YOUR DISCOUNT COULD BE HERE,